The International Headache Congress

IHS and EHF joint congress 2021
Headache science to optimise patient care
8–12 September 2021

Conference Details

Welcome letter of the congress chairs

Hybrid congress

It means, there will be some participants, speakers, chairs and industrial partners onsite in Berlin with the opportunity for other participants to join the event online in real-time or on demand, expanding the field of participants. We unite both worlds to provide the possibility to access the International Headache Congress to everyone.

Please have a look at the general ideas of the hybrid version, which will be defined in the upcoming moths.

Programme and speakers


Interaction tools

→ Enough room changing and preparation breaks

→ ePoster discussion sessions – Presentations of ePosters only available online

→ Having VIPs on-site

→ If speaker cannot attend on-site → Stream their talk live to the online platform and the on-site congress

→ Broadcasting of the programme to the foyer as well as broadcasting the programme to the online platform

→ Split screen for online attendees → Lecture hall and speaker with presentation

→ Questions can be asked via the interaction tool from the online and on-site participants

→ OnDemand lectures to have them available for each time zone

→ Contact possibilities for speakers, who confirmed that they want to be contacted in case of questions after their live talk


→ Interactive online elements (e.g. participant chat, surveys, Q&A), also possible for the on-site part

→ Through virtual access to the event, visitors who cannot attend the event for time, environmental or financial reasons, can also participate in the event regardless of location

→ OnDemand availability (included for all registered participants)

→ Include online audience in a physical event experience

→ Online audience and live participants experience the same event, as similar as possible


→ Web-app

→ Participant can ask questions online (including on-site participants)

→ Text comments

→ Single/Multiple choice questions

→ Votings

→ Scale questions

→ Display of votes

→ Evaluations, questionnaires

→ Photo function

→ TED/quiz function

→ Push notifications

→ Agenda

→ Speaker information

→ Event specific content

→ possibly live stream embedding

Industry partners

Best advantages


→ Combining of onsite and online → Including digital booth in onsite booth and the other way around

→ Offering of online meeting rooms at the on-site booth

→ Podcast-possibility

→ Including of industry sessions within the booth and make them available online

→ Meeting rooms for scientific content

→ Onsite and virtual availability for participants

→ Combined congress of two of the most important headache societies

→ Participants have the chance to join from all over the world

→ Use the best possible options from virtual and presence sides

→ Create the next level congress format of the future together with us

→ 9 December: Start of abstract submission

→ 2 February: Start of participant registration

→ 23 March: Abstract submission deadline

→ 20 May: Programme including abstracts available and early bird registration deadline