The International Headache Congress

IHS and EHF joint congress 2021
Headache science to optimise patient care
8–12 September 2021


Thank you for your interest in the International Headache Congress 2021, which will be held from 8–12 September 2021 virtually.
Please be aware of the following information before entering the registration system:

Teaching course times

To get an overview of all available Teaching Courses please follow one of the buttons below.
Please be aware that some Teaching Courses run in parallel streams. That is why you are only able to book one Teaching Course at a time.

Note: The booking of the first Teaching Course is free of charge for juniors. Each further course will be charged with 40 €.

Junior rates
You are eligible for Junior rates, if you are currently an under- or post-graduate student (including but not limited to medical students and PhD students) or a medical doctor training to become a specialist. Junior rates also apply for medical doctors alternatively within 3 years of obtaining their medical doctorate or academic post graduate degree or specialist certification, whichever was obtained latest. For other academic groups alternatively within 6 years of obtaining latest academic degree Junior rates may also apply.

IHS membership rates
IHS membership is open to medical and healthcare practitioners (including such practitioners actively involved in scientific research) who are professionally engaged or involved in the study of headache disorders and have university or equivalent qualifications in any relevant field including medicine, surgery, psychiatry, medical or biomedical science, psychology, nursing, physical therapy, or pharmacy.

If you wish to become an IHS member to take advantage of the reduced registration fees please visit the IHS website.

Please click on the button below to sign up for the IHC 2021.

Combined congress IHC 2021 (including on-demand content)

 Early bird
03 June 2021****
04 August 2021
Late & Onsite
from 05 August 2021
Regular participant300 €350 €400 €
IHS member200 €250 €300 €
Reduced participant
(Fellow, nurse, physical therapist)
75 €100 €125 €
Low and lower-middle income countries*40 €65 €85 €
Junior rate *50 €50 €50 €
Junior rate IHS member (only until 20 August)* **0 €0 €0 €
Junior rate IHS member (from 20 August)* **50 €50 €50 €
Junior rate *
Low and lower-middle income countries
0 €0 €0 €
German track "Headache Day"   
Regulär100 €150 €175 €
Reduziert***50 €50 €50 €
Mitglieder DGS/ DMKG50 €50 €50 €
Teaching courses   
Teaching courses IHS member40 €40 €40 €
Teaching courses regular
and reduced participant
75 €75 € 75 €
Teaching courses junior rate *first booking is free of chargefurther booking is 40 € 
Teaching courses low and lower-
middle income countries *
0 €0 €0 €

* Proof of status PDF File PoS.
** Deadline for the free registration is 20 August 2021. The registration fee for junior IHS members who register after 20 August 2021 is 50€.
*** Reduzierte Anmeldungen sind möglich für Pfleger, Krankenschwestern, Physiotherapeuten/innen, Arzthelfer/innen, Trainees und Studenten. Bitte senden Sie einen Nachweis an
**** Early bird deadline ends on 03 June 2021, 23:59 Central European Time (UTC +1).

Please send your most recent qualification certificate, or an official letter from your institution confirming you are still in residency/training.

Low and lower-middle income countries:
Please send a copy of your passport as proof of status.
You can find the classifications list of economics of the World Bank here.

General terms and conditions: PDF File GTC

Payment and confirmation of payment
An invoice or confirmation of registration will be sent to you via postal or electronic mail within 14 days. This invoice is a valid invoice which may be submitted to the local tax and revenue office. All fees are due upon receipt of invoice/registration confirmation. Payment transfers must include participant’s name and invoice number. Payment is also accepted by credit card (Master-/Eurocard, American Express, VISA). In the case that you have transferred the registration fee shortly before the start of the congress, (up to 10 days prior to congress opening), we would like to ask you to please present your transfer remittance slip onsite.