The International Headache Congress

IHS and EHF joint congress 2021
Headache science to optimise patient care
8–12 September 2021

Entrance to the virtual congress

Patient Course


Normal session

The presentations are pre-recorded and submitted in advance. Nevertheless, the speakers are live during the session to answer questions of participants after the pre-recorded presentations.

During the session: the presentations are introduced by the chairs first and will then be shown afterwards.

All chairs and speakers need to log into a Zoom meeting to be live in the session (supported by technical staff).

Registered participants can ask questions via a question box below the stream throughout the session. These questions will be read out by the chairs and answered live by the speakers either at the end of each pre-recorded presentation or at the end of the session.

ePoster session

Setup of the Zoom meeting

The use of Zoom is required for participation. In case you are unable to use Zoom at your institute/clinic, please check whether it is possible to use Zoom on your private computer, in the mobile app on your tablet or on your mobile phone. If all these options are not available, please give us feedback so that we can discuss further action.

The chairs, speakers and participants will be in the Zoom meeting. This allows them to use their microphone and camera. The person speaking is displayed, however all parties can be seen and heard by the participants.

Before the session is started by the technical direction, all participants remain in the „waiting room“. Once they are admitted to the meeting, the speakers and chairs can be seen and heard by the participants.

Communication between speakers, chairs, and participants

  • Chat: Participants can ask questions or comment by writing in the chat. Questions and comments can then be addressed live in writing and orally.
  • Speaking: Participants can turn on their microphone and camera at any time. However, it is recommended to „raise the hand“ in order to not interrupt the speaker.
  • „Raise the hand“: Participants have the option to raise their virtual hand, which will be displayed.

Presentation format

A few weeks before the conference the speaker is required to submit a pre-recorded presentation as a video. This presentation will be played during the session by our technical direction.

Pre-recorded presentations are submitted via the upload centre.

The speakers and chairs will be live in the Zoom meeting during the entire session. The presentation will be followed by a short Q&A where questions from the audience will be passed on to the speakers by the chairs.

Throughout the session, our technical staff will be available in the background to give direction and help with problems.