The International Headache Congress

IHS and EHF joint congress 2021
Headache science to optimise patient care
8–12 September 2021

Conference Details

Welcome letter of the congress chairs

Virtual conference

Please use the digital background for your camera during active session participation. Find here a guide to the background settings: 

Set up guide


Launch Zoom and click on "Settings". You will see the "Virtual Background" tab there. You will now see pre-installed backgrounds. If you want to use your own image as a background, click on "+ Add image". You can now select a photo or graphic of your choice. If you want to activate the background only during a conference, click on the arrow next to the camera icon, and then on "Select virtual background".

Tip: In order for the background to be easily visible to the other conference participants, please make sure that you are in a room with sufficient lighting.